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This site will be written mostly from the perspective of a man who has learned from the school of hard knocks on how to attract women, be in successful relationships with women and how to interact with women in a way that sets you apart from other men.

In addition to learning many extremely valuable leasons and gaining rare insights from trail and error, I’ve worked with a legendary marriage expert who is respected world wide for his over-the-top level of success in saving marriage relationships that would divorce otherwise. He has a doctorate in biomedical science with an emphasis in sexology and has been interviewed on The Today Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Fox and many others. I’ve worked very closely with him since 2000 and have learned many highly advanced attraction techniques that aren’t some cheesy game or a collection of pick up lines but rather a mindset and, though the media tries to tell us men the exact opposite, it’s how women WANT us to be.

You see, women want you to be a man (surprise, surprise!). A man who is also a leader. It’s not that women necessarily need to be led, but they want and expect you to lead just the same even if they aren’t able to vocalize it. For many men this is a very liberating concept once grasped. Since boyhood we’ve been told to calm down, to be nice, to be humble and quiet and meek and mild. But I’m going to try to set that inner masculine hero loose from the bondage that has trapped it so long.

The marriage-enrichment organization I worked with spoke to thousands of men who are married or in dating relationships and most of them were attempting to be pathetic momma’s boys who tried so hard to be Mr. Nice Guy that women didn’t respect them and their relationships were in absolute shambles with their lack of testicular fortitude being majorly responsible.

So throughout this blog I’ll be helping men return to their true selves. I’ll be providing tips on what naturally attracts women to men and also warning about what guys should never do if they want a romantic relationship with a woman.

At some point I want to add a section for women on how to attract men. I’ll just have to find the right woman who is educated in that area and also has the time.

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